You can't stop us now, #Covid. We went on a trip!

Hi, I'm Ava one of the kids that go to GAPA and at GAPA we go on adventures like the

Halloween trip I went on, on Wednesday 27th October 2021.We went to Active nation,

we went on rock walls and soft

play. All the kids had lots of fun

and we all enjoyed it. We all

hope to see more kids to play

and have fun with on the next

GAPA trip.

When we are not on trips, the fun doesn't stop.

At GAPA, we can play and make dens with any children they meet or make friends with. They can have a great and huge imagination and can have lots of fun. All children can play pool or dress up inside the playroom. We also have a huge field so the children can run and be free and also, we have lots of fun activities to do all though out the year. GAPA has a giant forest that stretches from one side of the field to the other. We also have a zipline, climbing frames and even a sea dragon with seats inside the dragon made of tyres I love being at GAPA as the staff are so very happy and friendly towards us children,

Thank you staff at GAPA

Ava aged 10

All photos are copyrighted to GAPA.

#covid #trip #Lincolnshire #ChildBlogger

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